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The Truck Pull

Truck pull.png

History of the Truck Pull

As early as 1929, farmers began hitching their field tractors to weighted sleds and roared down a track to see who could pull it the farthest. Event organizers at Bowling Green, Missouri and Vaughansville, Ohio found out the noise and smoke drew spectators. At first, the competitors pulled sleds that were loaded with a given weight. But as farmers began to modify their tractors, that didn’t provide enough of a challenge and it was hard to distinguish the most powerful tractors.

The vehicle Pull was introduced in 1977, the first jaw-dropping event where vehicles such as trams, boxcars, buses and planes were pulled across a 100ft course, by these strongmen in the quickest time possible. Since then many vehicles have been used within this event to show off the sheer power of strongmen as they pull these incredible vehicles with their incredible strength. The Truck Pull became a famous event, using lorries, fire engines, cranes and more, that are pulled along by these strongmen.

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