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2019 Event Review

Cayman's first Strongman events took place on 3rd - 5th October 2019 featuring Eddie Hall, The Beast! The events included a youth rally in Cayman Brac with all the island high school students, a youth rally in Grand Cayman for over 1300 public and private Year 7-9 high schoolers and the Strongman competition with more than 500 attendees and 60 individual athletes taking part.


Tony McInerney, President of the Cayman Islands Powerlifting Organization was thrilled with the events and stated: “The level of strength and the spirit of sportsmanship that was on display was both inspiring and impressive.  Thank you to all of the competitors who took part in Cayman’s first ever Strongman.  We'd also like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers for making this a successful event and we're already very excited to be bringing this back again next year.” 

Throughout the events we had presentations to our partner charities: The Alex Panton Foundation, Team Nolan and United Against Bullying foundation. 


Eddie shared his story of Anxiety and depression as a kid starting from about age 12 at both the Brac and Grand Cayman events. Young Caymanian Isaiah Webster-Scott presented his skit titled “If Anxiety Had A Voice”.


Hall enjoyed his time in Cayman and expressed his appreciation to everyone in Cayman, “I thought Saturday was a massive success. It was very, very heartwarming to see so many people turn out to support the athletes and the athletes themselves put in fantastic performances right down to the high school students and seeing the communities get together to support local charities as well.  I feel that this is year one and the competition will grow and grow and grow as the years progress and hopefully in five or six years’ time, we could have the world's strongest man event here in the Cayman Islands. Well done to Tony and Myrnet and thanks to all the sponsors. Hope to see you all again next year. Much love!” 




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